Stripping Tools

Our range of stripping tools are made to exacting standards and include both the male and female components.

We combine lead edge technology with a wealth of know-how and experience to ensure that we reduce if not eliminate the need for under action pins on your die cutting press. The systems we supply assist in minimising Make-ready time and Pre–make ready time. Each tool is meticulously designed to suit the individual layout and stripping pattern whilst also taking into consideration the material and machine specification.

  • Lasercomb Conventional StrippingTools When the customer’s requirement is not for a dynamic system these tools are manufactured to a press ready dedicated standard.
  • Lasercomb Pinpoint Stripping Tool is a market leading dynamic stripping system that is proven to reduce and eliminate under action pins. These are tailor made to exact requirements by understanding our customers’ needs to help develop the right specification at the right price.
  • Lasercomb Pinpoint Plus Stripping Tool Introduced exclusively by Lasercomb Dies in 2008. The system takes dynamic stripping to the next level. The system is proven to work on recycled stock as well as folding box board, Carrier board, Litho Laminates and Corrugated stocks.
  • Lasercomb Pinpoint Excel stripping tools are a new hybrid stripping tool combining Lasercomb know how with the Speedpin system, this works well with narrow waste commonly found with the Food, Household and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Stripping tools are at the heart of the Lasercomb offer. Our complete range of stripping tools are designed and manufactured to exacting standards. Each stripping tool will include all the components to ensure that it is press ready. From the conventional to the new Pinpoint Excel stripping system the aim is simple reduce make-ready times on and off press and increase productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Lasercomb offer a range of Stripping tools to suit your requirements.
  • Stripping Tools are Operator friendly & press ready.
  • Lasercomb Stripping Tools reduce or eliminate under action pins so improves make-ready times on & off press.
  • Lasercomb Stripping Tools have an inbuilt alignment system to enable accurate register between the sheet & female board which then allows for the top stripper to be introduced in position.
  • Precision Laser & CNC manufactured to deliver maximum accuracy & performance.

Technical Features

  • Lasercomb Stripping tools all tailor made to customers’ exact requirements & die-cutter specifications.
  • Use latest technology, innovations and applications.
  • Lower tools are routed with lead-edges chamfered as standard.
  • Pinpoint, Pinpoint plus & Excel tools have restrictions incorporated to assist with the stripping action.
  • Vacuum reduction holes and foam are added into the top stripper.
  • Steel or wooden lower support bars are added as standard.
  • All Quick-lock or equivalent accessories are included.
  • Alignment system built in to each tool to assist the Operator and the performance of the tool.