About the Lasercomb Group

The Lasercomb Group is a logical evolution of two highly successful companies, Lasercomb Dies & Lasercomb Engraving (formally Palatine Engraving). Both have been in joint ownership, under three very experienced industry players, since 2006, following their management buyout from the Bobst Group and were under their management for many years previously.

Mark Ridings, Group Managing and Operations Director,sees the synergy as follows:

“Lasercomb Dies has been at the cutting edge in press ready die tooling systems since 1984. It is the industry shaper in Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Household,
Cosmetics, Food and Media print & packaging sectors. The foundation of the business has always been putting our clients first and this culture has seen the business grow and develop over the years and is part of our DNA. A combination of first class service, consistent quality, technical support combined with product design & innovation are at the heart of our offer”

Together, under the Lasercomb Group, we can offer a complete portfolio of tooling solutions to suit all of the print & packaging related sectors both in the UK, Mainland Europe and Internationally. We are proud of the fact that all of our products including the high end tooling systems are manufactured from within our facilities resulting in piece of mind for customers as we have control over lead-times, quality, service and costs.

Our strategy of combining quality tooling and service with investment in both our people and lead edge technology is the key to our business. The focus will be to continue to design and innovate ensuring that Lasercomb Group customers benefit from our range of products and services whilst developing our production capability, logistics and not forgetting customer service.

The aim of all this… to give our client’s the ultimate product in terms of fit for purpose, accuracy, durability and consistency, in the fastest possible time, at value for money prices and to generate the highest levels of customer satisfaction. That’s why, for the Lasercomb Group.

“EVERY impression counts!”.