Die & Single Pass Embossing

  • Are long expensive make ready times an issue?
  • The Lasercomb Group have the solution with the Fast Fit Embossing System.
  •  The system, exclusive to Lasercomb Group comprises of a CNC engraved mounting base and embosser with pre locators and can be manufactured to customers specific requirements.
  • Fast Fit is flexible as it is replaceable and transferable. It cuts costs reduces spoilage and improves make ready times.
  • “Press ready tooling solutions made to our individual customer’s specifications”
  • Our experienced Customer Services Team will assist with your enquiries and find the best solution whatever the application.
  • The Lasercomb Group make it their business to know the markets they serve.
  • Let the Lasercomb Group become your preferred supplier

Lasercomb have perfected the art of combining embossing within a cutting die enabling us to manufacturer tooling in a single pass that has not previously been available. A combination of design & technical know-how and by bringing our latest cutting die and embossing technology together gives Lasercomb clients a significant competitive advantage taking orders that were previously two pass through the machine down to a single pass.

Key Benefits

  • Lasercomb Single pass tooling –  Tailor made to exact client specifications.
  • Lasercomb Shim dies Allows our customers to cut intricate and detailed shapes and designs.
  • Lasercomb Shim dies Offer excellent longevity.
  • Lasercomb Shim dies Full in-house advice and on press technical support is available.
  • Lasercomb Reverse score Can be fully integrated into one of our lasered cutting dies to allow for a single pass process.

Technical Features

  • Lasercomb Shim dies Chemically etched and then CNC machined to create a sharp cutting profile.
  • Pre – mounted onto a Rayform base blocks machined to a pre-determined height.
  • Can be pre – nicked to ensure that very fine cut areas remain within the product.
  • Can be integrated into a regular lasered cutting die.
  • Effective for all materials up to and including 550micron.
  • Pre – positioned rubber pockets are included to assist with ejection.
  • Shim cutting dies are available only from Lasercomb

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