Force Plates

The Lasercomb Group offer the most extensive range of force plates in the industry.

  • Quality made counterforces are supplied for all types of Embossing tools and Foil Embossing tools.
  • KV Laminate Forces – superb for every day embossing and debossing for short to medium run lengths.
  • Hard Face KV Force – shares the successful properties of our KV laminate with an additive in the contact area to improve longevity
  • Bakelite Forces – another alternative to our popular KV Laminate, but with improved longevity.
  • Made-Away Forces – available in most of the above versions, but they lift the emboss image off the carrier to reduce the risk of background marking and bruising.
  • Hot Epoxy forces – Excellent for use with our Fluted Foiling dies, reducing valuable press make-ready times.
  • Cold Epoxy Forces – an additional alternative to our standard KV force, but with improved longevity.
  •  Brass Forces – a premium product manufactured the our CNC process offering durability and precision. These are available for Fluted Foil tools, Braille, emboss and deboss applications.
  • Magnestic Forces – reduce make-ready times involved in mounting traditional forces .
  • Whatever the application, or requirement, we have the ideal solution.
  •  All our forces offer excellent fit in a variety of materials to suit each specific job.
  • Our forces are machined to a specific combined height to achieve optimum press performance and reduce valuable make-ready times.
  • We have developed an accurate location system to further save costs in reduced make-ready times.

Time saver thin plate system

The Lasercomb Time saver thin plate system (renamed by one of our clients as Time saver) has been developed with our Die tooling business in mind where it is very common for us to pre-mount counter matrix onto a thin cutting so has evolved into our Embossing foiling business.

We can very accurately pre-position foiling & embossing dies in position to the clients file supplied resulting in many instances where the foiling dies do not require moving saving valuable on press time, the dies remain in position on the thin plate and are safely stored on the transit board we supply.

  • Designed and engineered by the Lasercomb Group the Time saver thin plate system reduces expensive make ready times and increases machine performance so more time foiling rather finding position.
  • Through superior manufacturing and know how we offer the most durable tooling system available for regular repeatable production.
  • The Laser-plate presents pre-positioned foiling and embossing Dies on a Thin Plate system offering flexibility and great value for money.
  • Fine & very accurate adjustment can be made using our micro adjustment system if dies need to be slightly adjusted due to sheet or print variation.
  • Used in conjunction with our time saving and accurate spring location systems, considerable cost saving are enjoyed by our clients making the right choice.