New Wave Dies & Plates

An evolution in flat-bed die tooling the system combines a high precision cutting die and CNC machined steel plate.

Due to Lasercomb design and product innovation all the key features and benefits of this high end tooling solution are available to the sheet-fed converters. This high end tooling system is designed to deliver improved production speeds both on-press and downstream whilst enhancing the quality of the finished product.

  • LasercombNewWave Tooling System – A high precision engineered tool designed to improve performance.
  • LasercombNewWave – Offers quick and accurate make readies in conjunction with faster machine speeds.
  • LasercombNewWave – Delivers very consistent and high quality creasing.
  • LasercombNewWave – Dow stream benefits included improved gluing line and automatic packing line performance.
  • LasercombNewWave – Can be combined with and incorporated Lasercomb Dies reverse scoring and CNC embossing systems taking what were previously two pass production to a single pass (design dependant).

This system is exclusive to Lasercomb. It uses new, innovative materials: and combines a high precision die and a CNC machined steel plate for both Sheet-fed Die-cutters & Web-fed machines.

Key Benefits

  • NewWave High quality production.
  • NewWave Generates faster machine speeds.
  • NewWave Improves gluing line and automated packing line performance.
  • NewWave For consistent creasing time after time.
  • NewWave Gives flatter blanks and faster make-readies.
  • NewWave Chromed plates are available to further enhance longevity.
  • NewWave Plates and dies are available in a range of thicknesses.
  • NewWave Tooling sets are tailored to your individual specification & materials.
  • NewWave unique to Lasercomb & manufactured from within our own facilities.

Technical Features

  • NewWave Tooling System uses a combination of stable die-board materials that replaces the conventional plywood die-board.
  • The die-board materials allow for multiple re-rules.
  • CNC machined plates are available in a range of sizes from 650mm to 1600mm and also in thicknesses from 1mm – 5mm.
  • A combination of compensation plates supplied to suit the above if required.
  • A chroming service is available to further enhance longevity.
  • NewWave Tooling System are available only from Lasercomb.