Copperfield London Dry Gin

Copperfield gin is hand-bottled and hand-labelled. Naming the first volume ‘Copperfield’ was a direct reference to Dickens but also alludes to the copper still and the selected natural botanicals used in the creation of this amazing London Dry Gin.

The bookplate is embellished with a detailed illustration commissioned by Alex Machin. Interwoven botanicals overlay rich copper foiling to replicate a cover from the golden era of book design.

The ‘spine’ of the bottle allows each volume to be stored as a library, whilst the back face reveals its inner secret in the form of distilling notes seen through the liquid on the reverse of the label. The hand written script gives a true sense of delving back in time to unearth the inspirations plus includes excerpts from Katherine’s own notebook, made during the gin’s development process. The bottle is sealed with a copper stopper and a tamper proof ‘bookmark’

Following consultation with the Design Agency we enhanced the foil image to create the desired effect

The task was to produce both a 70cl and 5cl miniature version whilst maintaining the same level of detail

The intricate copper foil was applied using a Laser Engraved Brass Foiling Die.

The precision and accuracy of the Laser ensured the finest detail was retained, enhancing the print and creating a stunning label.

Congratulations to everyone involved who embraced the creative challenge to produce a unique label

The final product is stunning

Could there be a Volume Two to follow……………