Lasercomb Group News

Consumables Now Available.
Did you know Lasercomb offer a number of consumables? To find out more, visit our Consumables page or download our PDF by clicking here.

New Joint Venture in USA.
We are very pleased to announce a joint venture in the USA between Lasercomb Engraving Redditch and Converting Technology Inc. Chicago IL.

This JV will be based in CTI’s facility in Chicago and will serve customers throughout the Americas and Canada with the latest innovations in tooling technology for Engraving and Foiling customers.

Both Lasercomb and CTI are very excited about the creation of Converting Technology Engraving (CTE) as both companies passionately believe in bringing solutions through innovation to the markets they serve.

CTI and Lasercomb Group have had a very close affiliation spanning over 20years, as both companies were created from the original Lasercomb America, so this new JV feels like a re-joining of forces, which both companies are very excited about.

CTE will be able to work very closely with our customers in the Americas and Canada allowing them to develop their embossing and foiling techniques with their client bases.

Lasercomb goes International.
Following growing demand for our specialist products and services from overseas, we now have the capability to communicate with our International customers in five languages, these are English, French, Spanish, Polish and Italian. These language options cover both verbal and written correspondence, we sincerely hope this will make contacting and doing business with the Lasercomb Group as seamless and straight forward as possible for all our current and prospective overseas customers.

Magnetic Braille system
Renowned for our product development, design & innovation, the latest product to be added to our wide range of Braille tooling solutions is magnetic Braille. This system is ideal for designs that have multiple Braille variances as it enables the male forces to be changed quickly and accurately minimising valuable make-ready time. The system operates in conjunction with a standard counter matrix and keeps tooling costs down to a minimum.

Non bursting Braille dot
Recent European Braille standards stipulate that finished Braille dots have to be within a certain tolerance. We have designed a Braille tooling system that produces a Braille dot in excess of this standard that reduces if not eliminates bursting on the surface of the material whilst creating a pronounced and improved Braille dot to assist blind and partially sighted people.

Pinpoint plus dynamic stripping system
This revolutionary new dynamic stripping system unique to Lasercomb in the UK minimises and more often than not eliminates the need for under action pins on conventional waste areas. The system performs across a range of substrates including recycled materials, carrier boards, folding box boards and litho laminates.

Flexi frame blanking system
Our new lower blanking frame system is designed to reduce the cost of blanking tools to our customers. Once a frame is purchased our customers can simply order a regular grid system and top blanking tool for a new design that they wish to blank separate and then simply and quickly locate the grid into the frame either in press or in the PMR area. The frame is light yet robust and available in a range of sizes to suit most blanking separating presses. 

If you would like any further information on any of the above subjects please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone.

Make the call today, we are here, ready to help your business improve PROFIT by using the latest innovative tooling solutions, combined with excellent Customer Service and Technical support.

We very much look forward to hearing from and working with our new Customers, whilst also thanking our existing Customers for their very loyal support over the last 30 years.