New Wave Dies & Plates

An evolution in flat-bed die tooling the system combines a high precision cutting die and CNC machined steel plate previously only viable on Web-fed production lines.

Due solely to Lasercomb design and product innovation all the key features and benefits of this high end tooling solution are available to the sheet-fed converters. This high end tooling system is designed to deliver improved production speeds both on-press and downstream whilst enhancing the quality of the finished product.

  • Lasercomb NewWave Tooling System – A revolution in flatbed tooling that matches and improves tooling that was only previously available and viable for Web-fed presses, yet at more commercially acceptable price..
  • Lasercomb NewWave – Offers quick and accurate make readies in conjunction with faster machine speeds.
  • Lasercomb NewWave – Delivers very consistent and high quality creasing.
  • Lasercomb NewWave – Down stream benefits included improved gluing line and automatic packing line performance.
  • Lasercomb NewWave – Can be combined with and incorporated Lasercomb Dies reverse scoring and CNC embossing systems.
  • Lasercomb NewWave – Through Lasercomb Dies tooling design & innovation; production jobs that were previously a two pass process can be now be produced much more efficiently in a one pass process.


This value for money system is exclusive to Lasercomb. It uses new, innovative materials: and combines a high precision die and a CNC machined steel plate for both Wed-fed presses and Sheet-fed Die-cutters.


Key Benefits

  • NewWave High quality production at commercially viable prices
  • NewWave Generates faster machine speeds
  • NewWave Improves gluing line and automated packing line performance
  • NewWave For consistent creasing time after time
  • NewWave Gives flatter blanks and faster make-readies
  • NewWave Chromed plates are included to further enhance longevity.
  • NewWave Plates and dies are available in a range of thickness
  • NewWave Tooling sets are tailored to your individual specification.
  • NewWave Reduces the variables for a consistent output
  • NewWave Sole UK manufactures from within our own facilities

Technical Features

  • New Wave PlatesNewWave Tooling System uses a combination of stable die-board materials that replaces the conventional plywood die-board
  • The die-board materials allow for multiple re-rules.
  • CNC machined plates are available in a range of sizes from 650mm to 1600mm and also in thicknesses from 1mm – 5mm
  • A combination of compensation plates supplied to suit the above if required
  • A chroming service is available to further enhance longevity
  • NewWave Tooling System areavailable only from Lasercomb