Services and Consumables

The Lasercomb Group is about one stop shop press ready tooling solutions. To complement our offer we can supply a range of all those essential items for both operators & die-maker including:-

  • Thin cutting plates
  • Compensation plates
  • Patch up tapes & shim tapes
  • Hammers & rule pullers (both manual & semi-auto)
  • Ejection rubbers with adhesive
  • Nick Grinders & discs
  • Rayform & Duraply die-board base materials
  • Plywood
  • Plate cleaners & glues


  • FREE Consultancy - Technical advice on the BEST DIE TOOLING SOLUTION to suit your needs from our team of tooling professionals.
    We include on site support so that your engineers and operatives get the system to perform… and keep on performing… to the optimum.
  • FREE advice - Our in house Design Service combines Lasercomb
    Group know how with the latest CAD design systems and tooling specifications to enable us to support and advise on design, layouts, suitability to optimise both the stripping and blanking processes in
    conjunction with recommendations for embossing and foiling so our customers achieve the maximum result.
  • FREE Training - One of our Tooling technicians can train your
    production operatives on in situ tooling best practice or in house for basic die-making skills, CAD related die-making know how which can assist your estimating and operator effectiveness, to assist your team with improving the performance of your machines.
  • Tooling Support - Our own highly trained team of tooling technicians can work with your manufacturing team and your customers to maximise the efficiencies of your machines.