Embossing Dies

Lasercomb Group offer a full range of quality embossing tools ranging from single level effects to multi level 3 dimensional creations to suit all our customers needs and requirements.

Through a combination of highly experienced hand engraving skills and the introduction of the latest digital technology we are able to raise our customer’s designs to create the optimum emboss effect on both printed or plain substrates.

Our embossing tools are available in Magnesium, Copper, Brass, Aluminium and Brass to cover all applications.

  • CNC dies – With our machine capabilities we are able to produce embossing and debossing tooling of the highest quality and precise accuracy.
    Investments in our high speed machinery and technical programming department ensure consistent results for our customers.
  • Hand Engraved dies – For those projects that require that special “one off” bespoke effect we have the traditional facilities of hand engraving.
    With imagination and flair we are able to bring life to designs, adding feeling and realistic effects on most substrates.
    Through artistic interpretation our 3 dimensional tools add real quality and value to any project.
  • Etched dies – Through the process of photoetching we are able to meet the demands of very short leadtimes
    Our experience in this process has been gained over many years and offers quality etched Magnesium and Copper tools and a speedy, cost effective solution to demands of the industry.
  • Duplicate dies – From emboss masters we are able to accurately produce bakalite duplicates with great precision and accuracy. This plate making service is an ideal solution for multiple images and is used extensively in the carton sector.
    Customers are able order repeat dies manufactured from the master held in our library by simply quoting the unique job number.

Whatever the requirement the Lasercomb Group has the solution. Our diverse range of skills, techniques and experience are able to provide our clients with quality tooling, precise and consistent results for any application.

There are few limitations to the impressive emboss effects that are achieved with our embossing tools and our technical team are available advice and support our customers.

Contact us for information on the latest shapes and effects available.