Cutting Dies

Our range of cutting dies are made to exacting standards. We combine lead edge technology with a wealth of know how and experience to ensure our cutting dies meet your expectations.


  • Lasercomb Cutting Dies - These are tailor made to exact requirements by understanding our customers’ needs to help develop the right specification at the right price.
  • Lasercomb Broached Dies - Are more consistent and durable, reduce on press die maintenance and eliminate de-lamination.


Cutting dies are at the heart of the Lasercomb offer. Our quality die tooling, precision made for the cutting and creasing press, is designed to minimise make ready times and give maximum machines speeds. All cutting dies are engineered to customers’ exact needs.



Key Benefits

  • Lasercomb Cutting Dies Tailor made to exact customer specifications
  • Lasercomb Cutting Dies The latest high speed ejection rubbers applied
  • Lasercomb Cutting Dies Pre-nicking saving valuable on-press time
  • Lasercomb Broached Dies Give cleaner stripping action and eliminate de-lamination on slit locks
  • Lasercomb Broached Dies Reduces on press die maintenance as there are less joints
  • Lasercomb Broached Dies Give greater consistency through less patching and longer die life for cost effectiveness

Technical Features

  • Lasercomb Cutting Dies all tailor made to customers’ exact requirements
  • Use latest technology, innovations and applications
  • Precision manufactured for optimum performance
  • Pre-nicked dies to customer specifications further reducing valuable make-ready times and ensure nicking is conducive to accurate stripping and blanking on press
  • Cutting dies are rubbered to a press ready standard using the latest high speed rubbers.
  • Lasercomb Broached Dies for longer tool life
  • No de-lamination on slit locks
  • Assist with a cleaner stripping action
  • Reduces the number of joints in the die for less time on press die maintenance
  • Cuts down patching up as the die is more consistent and more level
  • The best Cutting Dies and Broached Dies are available only from Lasercomb